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Common Problems Armadillos Cause

Armadillos are unique and fascinating creatures, but they are still nuisance animals that will be liable for the right sort of damages in and around Florida homes. In this blog, we'll take a better check out armadillos, the problems they will cause, and the way you will keep your home bright and damage-free.

Leprosy and Other Diseases
Armadillos stand motionless when a predator is approaching. But when posed with a significant threat, an armadillo will claw and bite. By scratching and biting, these armored critters can transmit leprosy, rabies, and other harmful diseases. Humans are not likely to pick a fight with an armadillo, but household pets such as dogs, cats, and rabbits might engage with them. If any other pet catches a disease from an armadillo, infection is more likely to spread to your family. Although it's rare for an armadillo to bite or claw another animal, it's best to stay these critters far away from your home.

Home Damage caused by Armadillos
Their claws help them in digging. Although armadillos are foragers, they will still cause tons of injury and build dens nearly eight inches wide and up to fifteen feet deep. They create several rooms in one area to search for shelter and food. Armadillos like to dig in areas with loose soil, shrubbery, and insects the typical contents of a backyard in Florida. When armadillos burrow for insects and vegetation, this will damage your lawn. Armadillos may also burrow under your home reasonably quickly when they get too comfortable. This can cause cracked concrete, broken pipes, and weakened building structures that put your home and its inhabitants in danger.

How to get rid of an armadillo from your house

the best way to get rid of them is do not allow them to enter your house or yard. You can do this process by creating a fence around your yard that will prevent them from getting in.

Use of deterrents- 
the best way to get rid of armadillos is making your yard smelly; they do not like the smell of ammonia, vinegar, and mothballs. Place these odors near to their shelter; for sure, they will leave the place in no time. Use these odors regularly until you cannot get rid of them properly.

- you can use traps to get rid of them. It is better to place the traps near their living places. Use many traps to get good results. Once they have gone, remove their waste as soon as possible. You can remove the waster and later wash it with a good detergent, or even you can make it at your home. Take water and bleach and spray them all over the area (the place where armadillo was living). Let the area allow you to get soak; their urine smell will get away. Seal all the entry points within your house that can help them to get in again into your house. 

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